Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ward Churchill Fired

Ward Churchill was fired recently by the University of Colorado.

Its a pretty scary development that militant idiots and right wing fanatics could get a fairly prestigious and tenured full professor fired. The tone of the 9/11 statement that started Churchill's controversy was harsh, but nonetheless true, from any perspective which isn't blinded by an American flag, or choking on the elixir of nationalism. I won't weigh in on my opinions here since I will get fired up, angry and end up typing for the next hour. Instead I'll post some links to some statements and articles on the scandal.

Here's a statement by Churchill after the whole mess started.

A very reactionary and twisted column on why its GREAT that Churchill was fired from the LA Times.

An article on "the banality of evil" and its role in Churchill's article.

An annoying and useless article from Slate on Churchill's firing and scholarship.

Statement from the President of FIRE on the firing.

Churchill is Welcomed Warmly for a Speech in Hawai'i.

A defense of Churchill's essay from Commondreams.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Indigenous Studies Conference

Some photos of Madel, Angie and me at the Indigenous Studies Conference at University of Oklahoma in May.

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