Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No. 5 - East of Indigenous

To listen to podcast number five just move your mouse over the title of this post and click. In this short 21 minute episode Madel, Miget and I discuss our influences close to home. Feedback is always welcome!

I bought a new computer this week (not with real money, I charged it to my student account) and so we had fun with the Photo Booth program on my MacBook. Check it out:


Madel smiling through.

essentially madel & miget

Madel & Miget want world peace.

Erin M.

Our lovely tech support and friend Erin Malone.

double vision

Miget x two.


I don't know if we are Trekkies or Trekkers.

We were in the International Relations/Pacific Studies library this week, it was a central location for a busy eighth week but I missed Madel's kitchen table.

I edited this post to add that we did record a sixth podcast. We invited Professor Ross Frank to be our guest and all went well until I copied the track onto my computer. I thought it copied and it did not. By the time I realized it the original track was erased from the flash where we recorded it. I regret my mistake. Professor Frank agreed to be our guest again in the near future.

Professor Ross Frank


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