Sunday, May 06, 2007

Good Mornin' Norman!

Saturday morning Madel, Miget and I were a little nervous, a little sleep deprived and so we did a quick half-hour podcast before we got ready for our panel. The conference was interesting, stimulating, I thought the University of Oklahoma was beautiful, the people we met were so kind. It's heading towards midnight and we woke up early to get to the airport this morning so maybe Miget will come and add/edit this post later, I just wanted to get the first podcast up, another is coming that Miget and I started at the airport this morning but Miget had to end it when I walked away to find out where my son went. We had a time and we'll talk more about it later this week as well as post our papers. We really enjoyed meeting people and it was so nice to hear that people do come and read this blog and listen to these podcasts, thank you so much for listening!

I am so sorry I didn't take more pictures! Here are some of Miget, Madel and Leroy our first night there outside the Fred Jones Museum.

Fred Jones Museum

Power of the Hand

I edited this to add that the podcast was incomplete but now the link is right, sorry about that!



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