Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lost Podcast Found!

Yesterday afternoon Miget, Jose and I ran up to my office with Leroy and his Pikachu gameboy to make a second podcast. We talked about decolonial studies and the papers and ideas we planned to present and it was all good, Jose is a wonderful musician and he sang a song for us, beautifully!

Serious and Pikachu!



I posted that I lost the podcast - then I was trying to burn some podcasts onto a cd for my mom (she does not internet) and I saw this one that was labeled Songs of Indigeneity but it wasn't, when I played it, hola Jose! You know Mercury is out of retrograde and here is proof if you needed it. Hope you enjoy this bonus from the lost files!

A special stealthy picture from the panel Jose, Madel & I did at the conference, the aptly titled "The Ghosts of the Past Prey Upon the Souls of the Living" where we are listening to feedback:

Photo 457


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