Thursday, August 23, 2007

List of Podcasts

For those of you lamenting our absence over the summer, or for those of you who at least noticed that we were gone, I'm pasting below links to all of our podcasts over the past year. We did 17 total, which is pretty good considering how many classes, proposals and thesises the three of us had to complete.

The summer's almost over and so I'm sure we'll be back soon.


17. A Visit From Long: Defining Indigeneity
Special Guest: Long Bui

16. Ethnic Studies and Sovereignty: The Difficulties in Critiquing a Settler Society

15. Sovereignty and Decolonization

14. Airport Thoughts: Indigenous Studies Conference Wrap Up

13. Good Morning Norman! The Indigenous Strike Back...With a Conference!

12. A Visit To Hogwarts: Group Guest Lecture at a Social Movements Class Special Guest: Roberto Alvarez

11. The Wrath of Ross: A Reportback from The Ghosts, Monsters and the Dead Conference Special Guest: Ross Frank

10. Lost Podcast: Decolonization and Decoloniality Special Guest: Jose Fuste

9. Harry Potter and the 45th Generation Roman: Live from The Ghosts, Monsters and the Dead Conference

8. Onward Indigenous Soldiers: Let's Talk About Religion, Ba-by

7. Harry Potter and the Indigenous of Azkaban: Home, The Military, and a Surprise

6. Sound of Indigeneity: Songs From Our Lives

5. East of Indigenous: Special People in Our Lives

4. Indigenous Jane: Our Work

3. The Indigenous of the Ring: Why We're Here (in Ethnic Studies)

2. Second Podcast: Describing Indigeneity

1. First Podcast: Madel's Kitchen Table


At 11:36 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Not bad is right, it's cool to see them all listed like that.

I have stuff to talk about!


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